Furniture Reports Manchester

We are experienced furniture report specialists, covering Manchester and the North West.

If you have bought furniture that is faulty or damaged and the retailer refuses to acknowledge the complaint, you will need to provide proof if you wish to secure a refund or a replacement. Similar evidence may also be required for insurance claims. A furniture report provides a detailed analysis of the condition of each item and the causes of any damage. These reports are often used as evidence to support claims.

When you require a furniture report, your retailer or insurer may recommend an appointed franchise technician to carry out the work. However, it's worth bearing in mind that you're under no obligation to agree to this. Whilst the appointed technician may claim to be neutral, there may be a conflict of interest, as they are acting on the behalf of the retailer or insurer.

That's why, when it comes to furniture reports, it's advisable to consult an independent technician. Diamond Restoration are leading furniture restoration and reporting specialists with more than 25 years' experience. We offer our services to both commercial and domestic clients throughout Manchester, the North West and the UK. With Diamond Restoration, your furniture will be assessed by a qualified independent, furniture technician, ensuring a fair outcome.

Our comprehensive furniture reports include a thorough assessment of the damage and its causes; we will also ascertain whether the item is fit for purpose. Proprietor Diamond Munoz is certified in all furniture disciplines and holds a B.Sc.Hons. degree in Wood Science from Bangor University. As we are experts in the field of furniture restoration, we are well placed to identify and report any faults. At Diamond Restoration, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal service - if you have questions at any stage, we will be happy to advise you.

If you're based in Manchester and need to arrange a furniture report, please consider our services. Get in touch today with Diamond Restoration today to discuss your requirements. We have lent our expertise to many consumers and businesses throughout Manchester and further afield. In many cases, our reports have led to successful claims. We hope we can be of service to you soon.