Furniture Restoration Manchester

Do you have furniture in Manchester that has perhaps taken a turn for the worse, it has perhaps acquired accidental damage or simply natural wear and tear from constant use.

Regardless if it is traditional, antique or modern furniture, bringing it to Diamond Restorations has expertise, knowledge and experience to restore it to the look it has when it first come out the factory. 

To perform this kind of restoration work and repair requires a trained eye, many years of experience and training. Diamond Munoz has 35 years of experience in the furniture trade and a wide range of qualifications in the industry. Covering all aspects of furniture repair and restoration in Manchester.

Diamond Restoration provide a range of furniture restoration services such as cabinet restoration; from making new leaves within the wood or restoring wood from marks and burns for example. We also provide inlaying and marquetry cut by hand and colouring individual pieces to restore to the original pattern. Veneer restoration is also a common service which we can provide to our customers, as veneer is susceptible to damage, including damage to the veneer glue due to being exposed to moisture, these can be treated with heat, reglued if no damage has been made. Finally if the legs of tables or chairs have been damaged in anyway these can be reproduced or repaired using specialist woodturning techniques. 

If you have purchased a piece of furniture and are not happy with the condition in which the furniture was provided to you, then Diamond Restorations are one of only two organisations in the country which provide independent reports on furniture to identify the cause of damage, marks or poor quality. You can then provide this to the store you purchased the furniture from as evidence for refunds or replacement, which the store may be reluctant to do without this vital evidence. 

Contact Diamond Restoration today to get your residential and commercial furniture back to it’s former glory or get an independant report for your recently purchased furniture!